Book Review: Visioneering


I’m usually highly skeptical of “self-help” style books. I often think it will just be a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that sounds nice, but isn’t real life. I definitely approached this book with that attitude while also wondering if it was going to be a “God wants all your dreams to come true” kind of tone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that that was not the case! I actually enjoyed this book and the quality of the writing.

Stanley bases a lot of his points on the biblical story of Nehemiah. He also recognizes the importance of one’s vision also being something that God wants us to do. He goes back and forth between making his main points, outlining how that played out in Nehemiah’s story, and also giving more current examples of those ideals playing out. You can read more about the content of this book here.

As I said above, I enjoyed this book. I, personally, did not find that it was applicable to me in my current season of life, but think it could be even more helpful to someone who has an idea/vision who is looking for the next steps in seeking to carry out their vision. Some points can sound a bit feel-goody or cliche, and I don’t like it a whole lot when he reads too much into Nehemiah’s motivations when not explicitly stated in scripture, but overall there is a lot of quality information here. I would give it a solid three stars, and perhaps even more if it was more personally applicable – which is something the author can’t know about me.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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