Snow Days

I’m going to start this new blog off by just jumping right into my first post. As a teacher, I sort of have a love/hate relationship with snow days. I really do enjoy the opportunity to sleep in, have a day off, and get a break. However, once we get into the “we now need to make this up” zone, it’s not quite as fun. Even then, however, a part of me still enjoys getting the snow. Living in Hampton Roads, we don’t get to see a lot of snow usually. Last year, and now this year, have been exceptions to the extreme! We are currently having our 6th snow day tomorrow with a 7th quite possible on Friday. Four of those will need to be made up. For teachers, makeup days (while necessary) still don’t entirely make up for the missed day since schedules are now thrown off track (the makeup day may even be months later), some students may not attend the makeup day due to vacations and such that were planned in advance, and many other factors. I’m not excited about our huge number of makeup days, but I will still enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow tomorrow, relax, and get some work done from home. I hope you all (whether snow-lovers, snow-haters, or somewhere in between) will also get a chance to take a moment to stop and enjoy.